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Gien Verschatse

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Gien Verschatse is an experienced consultant and software engineer. She develops software for lab services in the biotech industry, and specialises in DNA building. She's fluent in both object-oriented and functional programming, mostly in .NET. As a Domain-Driven Design practitioner, she always looks to bridge the gaps between experts, users, and engineers.

Gien is studying Computer Science at the OU in the Netherlands. As a side interest, she's researching the science of decision-making strategies, to help teams improve how they make technical and organisational decisions. She shares her knowledge by speaking at international conferences. She co-organises the F# Europe conference in Brussels, and Open FSharp in San Francisco.

And when she is not doing all that, you'll find her on the sofa, reading a book and sipping coffee.

Gien Verschatse

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